Name Orlantha Von Dahn

Nicknames Ollie, Orlando

Gender Male

Age 918

Sexuality Homosexual

Species Vampire

Languages English, German

Disorders Dementia, PTSD



Human brain is not made to remember hundreds of years. Orlantha has troubles to remembering past happenings; be it what happened a week a go or decades. This is why he writes diaries; what he did or who he met. He's restless and gets lost easily. Cannot function without his phone (/notebook in non-modern RPs).

Post Traumatic Stress Dis.

While Orlantha doesn't remember his past well; sometimes certain smells, noises or sights triggers more or less pleasant memories or nightmares. He feels often paranoid without apparent reason and often finds himself doing reckless things.
His PTSD is not really something that shows often in the normal life, however it gets worse if something really exciting  (positive and negative) is happening in his life.


Orlantha is lean, tall man with fair skin and long, coal black hair. He's 186 cm (6'10) tall, bony creature. He looks delicate and lost; large eyes making him look younger.

Orlantha looks barely over 23 years old. His cheekbones and chin are sharp. Nose sharp, creek-like. Cheeks are a bit sunken and unders of his eyes are often dark, like if he hadn't slept well in weeks. Eyes a tad large; scleras black. Iris color changes between iron-grey and crimson hungrier the vampire is. His eyelashes are dark, but not very long or thick. Eyebrows are thin, as black as his hair.

Orlantha's hair is long and dark; however forgets to wash or brush it often. It often hangs free; framing his narrow face, sometimes even covering part of it to hide behind when feeling shy.

Orlantha's teeth are very human-like. Canines maybe a bit sharper than usually, but nothing really eye-catching; unless he's preparing to bite someone. Then every single teeth becomes sharp, like shark's.

While his skin is sickly pale, it's not without it's blemishes. There is some freckles on his shoulders and back. His back is also scarred heavily; carved with silver knife dipped in holy water. Those never really healed;

leaving scars tender to touch even after all this time. There is also a scar at his left palm; looking like someone put a stake trough it.

Orlantha doesn't wear jewelry, nor do he have tattoos.  He dresses up in comfy clothes more often than not. Hoodies, large jackets, turtlenecks to name a few.

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